The Purlettes + 1 are the backbone of sarah oliver handbags. They are the coolest, most inspiring group of men and women – average age 88 – and we feel like the luckiest team in the world to get to work with them. The founding group nicknamed themselves The Purlettes +1, so named for their “knit one, purl two” expertise, as well as the pearls of wisdom they impart. The + 1 represents the sole male knitter, Hector.

Says Daphne, 93 years young, “Being a Purlette is the joy of my elder life.” Adds Ellie, 85 “Everything should be handmade in America like this!”

The Purlettes often knit together, giving them a wonderful sense of community and shared purpose. Their tremendous skill and attention to detail is admired by customers the world over. Get to know more of The Purlettes in our blog series, If These Hands Could Talk.