Oct1October 2014

Featured in the November 2014 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine‘s “27 genius fashion and beauty tips that will have you prepped for party season.







Sept1September 2014

Sarah Oliver

DESIGNER SARAH OLIVER grew up watching generations of her family knit together, and her love of the craft led to the casual creation of handbags for friends and loved ones. Soon friends of friends were requesting Oliver’s unique clutches and mini-purses, and after an initial trunk show, Sarah Oliver Handbags was off and running. But the crux of Oliver’s story is her new knitting circle — a group of residents at The Redwoods senior community in Mill Valley known as the Purlettes 1, who, along with Oliver, produce all of the knit fabric used to create the line of bags.





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April_2April 10, 2013

Handbag designer employs unlikely workforce.

One California handbag designer has a unique business model that not only helps her small business but also her community. She employs seniors from The Redwoods, a retirement community outside of San Francisco, to knit her bags.

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March_2March 6, 2013

9 Tips on Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign from 3 Women Who Have Done It

I love small business stories. I find the purpose, the passion, and the suspense intoxicating. It’s no wonder then that the site Kickstarter has become a (not so) guilty pleasure for me. For those that don’t know, Kickstarter is a popular online funding platform that allows people to offer incentives and rewards in exchange for monetary contributions that are to be used to help create or further a creative project – often a business. It is like a mini-investment but the creators don’t need to sacrifice their equity.

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October_2October 16, 2012

WhoWhatWHEREWhy: Plenty of PIZZAZZ at annual Garden Club of Allegheny County Benefit

The Garden Club of Allegheny County’s PIZZAZZ boutique shopping benefit has garnered a reputation as a go-to event for a unique selection of home goods, fashion, jewelry and more.

“I think the fact that we keep it fresh every year, yet we bring back those tried-and-true vendors who are wildly popular, keeps people coming back,” says GCAC member and public relations representative Cindy Tilson.

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September_2September 10, 2012

Sarah Oliver Has a Business with Heart

Sarah Oliver’s New England roots and the solid family into which she was born may be the source of both her work ethic and her humanist value system. They also undoubtedly contributed to the can-do spirit that allowed her to opt for a business model that goes against all logic and prudence.

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January 25, 2012

Made in Mill Valley 75- to 96-year-old knitters form the backbone of business

Daphne Campbell stopped knitting for her family when a grandchild made fun of her handmade gift. Now the purses, bags and clutches she knits for Sarah Oliver Handbags sell for hundreds of dollars at specialty boutiques around the country.

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