sarah oliver handbags and The Purlettes +1

sarah oliver handbags and The Purlettes +1

At our last trunk show (you can see photos @saraholiverhbags) several new fans asked if we had a video that they could share with friends. Of course we always want to support our fans as much as they support us, so . . . we asked our resident uber-fabulous-video-whiz Khyber Jones if he could put together a reel that tells the story of how sarah oliver handbags are made. Hand knit. In America. By senior citizens. Certainly you’ve heard a bit about it if you’re here reading our blog. But these are not just any old senior citizens.

They call themselves The Purlettes +1 and they are the coolest group of seniors you’ve met in a long time. Every day they teach us something new. We also get to hear the most amazing stories from them, and generally fill up with the best buzz of sweetness.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoy working with The Purlettes. Of course we’re biased, but we think they are the the best of the best. As are our bags. Check them out for your self. And thanks for coming by.


  1. Just saw y’all’s story on CNN. Please bring us more stories of your knitters, Sarah! I just read them all and it left me wanting more. Thank you so much for putting the spotlight on them. They are inspiring to this middle-aged knitter.

    • Thank you, Linda! Many exciting things happening at Sarah Oliver Handbags! We will definitely be bringing more stories about the Purlettes +1. It’s true, they are inspiring to us all. So great to hear you saw the story on CNN!

  2. Love your story. Saw it tonight on Shark Tank and would love to know how to get involved.

  3. I saw you on Shark Tank and would like to know where to purchase your handbags. I live in Canada.
    my email address:

  4. I’d like to join your knitters. I’ve been knitting since I could read the directions. My specialty is Christmas stockings
    with the child’s name knitted in across the top of the stocking. I’m sure I could deal with the purses. Did volunteer work knitting tiny things for preemies born in our hospitals here in Cincinnati. Oh,I’m 78.



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