If These Hands Could Talk: Meet LaVonne

If These Hands Could Talk: Meet LaVonne

LaVonne. Hands that dance…

If these hands could talk, they would hold their cards very close to their chest and smile. But they might dance a bit first, tease with stories of adventure and travel, and coyly infer that there is more to these stories than she’s willing to tell. With a name like a movie star, LaVonne exudes glamour, class and humor and can even make knitting look like an elegant dance.

LaVonne began working right after high school because she couldn’t wait to make her own money and go traveling. The girls in her office all loved to knit and LaVonne joined right in learning by “pure osmosis.”   She knitted and danced her way from South Gate California to the Bay Area at the age of 25. Calling herself a blissfully happy transplant, LaVonne just had to kick up her heels. “I wanted to be Ginger Rodgers. Oh I loved to dance!” During the Great Depression, LaVonne took dance lessons at the very same dance company that trained Shirley Temple and says she can still do the two-step but not much else “because we could only afford three lessons.” There’s the humor. “In the 40’s and 50’s, we would go dancing and do the Jitterbug…” and the hands dance in the air as the sentences trail off again leaving the story much to our imagination.

In 1953, Lavonne and 3 girlfriends took their hard-earned paychecks and their quest for adventure overseas via “the big ship” to Europe and meandered for nearly 10,000 miles from Scotland to Italy. Her love of adventure and travel still brings her to New York each spring to soak up some theater and eat. “I’m interested in food. I love to have dinner parties. In fact, I’m starving right now, let’s eat!” But before we were off to lunch, LaVonne added that if her hands could talk they would definitely not do so first thing in the morning. “I’m not a morning person, so it’s a tribute to Sarah that I get up and knit with her. We all just love Sarah, especially her girlish little giggle. She’s just such a keeper.” Ditto LaVonne. Ditto.

LaVonne Blache is 89 years old and had a long career in advertising for Sports Illustrated and Life Magazines. She’s known as the Clutch Queen for knitting so many clutch bags, but is ready to upgrade her own bag to something bigger and more functional for travel. We think we know someone who can help you with that.

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  1. I need 8 more balls of yarn. any color. I live at the Redwoods


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