If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Kay

If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Kay

Kay.  Such lovely hands.

If these hands could talk, they would say “make mine red.”  The only photograph in the series taken in glorious color because these hands, while hard-working and now 98 years old, are always meticulously manicured in classic, Big Apple Red.  No matter what.  Kay never misses an appointment and we thought that deserved some color.

Born in Italy and raised in Weed, California, Kay moved into the Redwoods 13 years ago and fell back in love with knitting after a long hiatus.  “It was like riding a bike and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started again.”  We’re glad she got back on that bike because her knitting, much like her manicure, is always lovely.  She comes to life when asked what she loves about being a Purlette +one. “I love every one of the knitters and all the different personalities.  It’s very relaxing”

These are the colorful hands of a former fashion merchandiser for JCPenney and Montgomery Ward, a hospital worker for over 19 years at Marin General, and above all, a well-polished mother to two amazing daughters. Kay turned 98 on July 5th and when asked how it feels, she matter-of-factly states, “It’s not much different than 97….or 96.”  She makes us laugh, makes us wonder how she does it all and definitely makes us take a second look at our unpolished fingernails.  Kay’s favorite bag is the mini clutch and chuckles when we asked what color.  Make hers red.

Kay Gainey enjoys visiting her native Italy and has visited numerous times. She loves romantic novels by Nora Roberts and only likes watching the news when it’s good news.  She had to cut our interview short because of a pending appointment with Big Apple Red

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  1. I am an avid knitter, so my ears perked up when I heard the beginnings of a story about y’all, The Purlettes (+1 of course). I had to find out more, so grabbed my computer and went to the website listed on the screen.

    I am entranced by y’all’s stories! And you, Kay. I identified with you when you talked about not knitting for a while, then not realizing how much you missed it until you started again. I did much the same. I taught myself to knit when I was fifteen, made a few things over the course of a few years, then put it down. When I picked it back up some years ago, I realized how I’d missed it, how much it had added much-needed relaxation that I’d been missing. And I haven’t stopped since. I just finished my eighteenth pair of socks this year (I think I’m ready for winter now).

    Knit on, Kay! Knit on.


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