If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Jovi

If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Jovi

Jovi… Smitten by knitting.

If these hands could talk, they would speak softly and play by their own rules. If playing hard to get was ever a rule in romance, Jovi would beg to differ. She taught herself to knit at age 15 to win the heart of a special boy. Carefully knitting him her first pair of socks, she later married him and is still married to him today. Yes, he was smitten by knittin’ so she decided to keep at it, and keep playing by her own rules.

Jovi and her husband moved from Santiago, Chile to UC Berkeley where she did Post Doctoral research in biochemistry. In an age where many women were expected to stay home and raise a family, Jovi rewrote the rules and raised two children while making a big difference as a biochemist, an accountant and a financial officer. “I wasn’t there after school to give my kids milk and cookies, but I raised two amazing kids…one a physician, the other an engineer.” Jovi’s hands can also bake cookies.

Jovi loves to knit while watching international mysteries on television and when not knitting loves to hike and travel with her husband. So much for retirement. When asked what she loves most about knitting for Sarah, her answer is telling “Sarah really cares for her Purlettes and this knitting is just so much fun! You don’t have to think so much. I’ve done enough thinking.”

We like the way you think Jovi. And we too are smitten by your knitting.

Jovi Goldenberg is 75 years old and has been knitting for Sarah for nearly a year. Her favorite bag to knit is The Bentley because it’s a little more challenging and takes more thought. We see a trend here. Jovi’s Bentley is purple.


  1. We too are very “smitten” with Jovi. She is a wonderful friend and neighbor.

  2. As I just told Kay on her page, I just saw the story about y’all on CNN as I was knitting on my nineteenth pair of socks this year. I had to know more, so came to this site and started reading.

    I LOVE y’alls story! And can certainly understand what you mean, Jovi, when you said you like the mindless patterns. I, too, do enough thinking during the day (I’m a horticulturist at a local organic nursery, solving people’s gardening problems and teaching new gardeners how to get started), so I like my knitting time to be mindlessly relaxing.

    You like international mysteries on TV – do you watch Masterpiece Mystery? I’m a junkie! I love Endeavor, but watching Father Brown while I knit is hard to beat after a tough day, though Miss Marple is a close second. It’s incredibly comforting to me to just get lost in the tale of “intrigue” in a little English town as my hands work on my knitting.

    May you have many more years of mindless knitting, Jovi. You and the rest of The Purlettes +1 inspire me.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I consider myself very privileged to have been given the opportunity to knit for Sarah.


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