If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Gordon

If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Gordon

Gordon. 91 years young.

If these hands could talk, they’d say life begins at 91.  These are the hands of Gordon, who, at the ripe young age of 90 decided it was time to start knitting because, quite honestly, it was the first opportunity he’d had. Gordon has been busy. Born in Illinois, Gordon joined the Navy right after high school and two years of college as a seaplane pilot, flying amphibious air sea rescues and proclaiming himself “lucky” that just as his training was complete, WWII ended. So Gordon began chapter two, heading to the University of Illinois receiving a degree in Architectural Engineering.

His career took him “all sorts of places” from Hawaii to Iran to Mexico to Milwaukee and finally, to California.  When asked if he’d ever built anything I may have seen, Gordon casually mentions the Field House at the University of Wisconsin of Madison. An amazing, exquisite structure where I’d seen countless concerts and sporting events as an undergraduate. “Yes Gordon, I know the Field House. It’s incredible.”

He shares family photos of live-filled gatherings of his blended family, which includes eleven grown children and plenty of grand children and “greats”. I can’t help but notice countless colorful paintings intermixed with the family pictures. “Oh yes, I painted those. I think I won a prize for that one.” We’re certain you did.

Last July 21st on his 90th birthday, Gordon’s granddaughter thought it might be fun to teach Gordon to knit. Only a grandpa like Gordon; Navy pilot, architect, father x11, grandfather, musician, artist, a man with a perpetual smile and a story to follow, would agree to such a hobby at such an age. But Gordon loaded up on yarn and the rest is history. He simply loves it, and is getting very good at it indeed. So for that, we’d like to tip our hats to that granddaughter of yours. Thanks Laura!

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