If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Daphne

If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Daphne

Daphne. Step aside.

If these hands could talk, they would offer help to anyone who needs it, but would most likely not let you return the favor. These are the hands of Daphne, and they are refusing to slow down, or hand themselves over to age.

15 years ago, Daphne moved into her Redwoods residence and we’re quite certain the staff never expected a senior like this. Upon arrival, Daphne noticed some aging window sills that needed attention and love. Instead of searching for the suggestion box, Daphne sanded and repainted every single sill in the residence! This was no small job, but Daphne’s hands didn’t stop until all 157 windows were lovingly restored. And yet she never missed a stitch or a purl.

This “why wait for someone else to do it” attitude is what has kept Daphne busy for over 93 years. Yes, 93 years young and sharper than any of the proverbial tacks we know. Daphne joined Sarah to knit and help pay for her Audi with the proceeds. “Why let someone else drive, when you are perfectly able to do it yourself?” We had no answer.

Daphne grew up in Massachusetts and graduated college wearing a chiffon dress made with her very own resourceful hands. She and her husband moved to Palo Alto, California where they raised two sons.

When we asked her favorite thing to do when not knitting, we were surprised to see her reach for a binder that took two hands to lift. “I’m a baseball nut. I love watching baseball and keeping stats of every player and every single game.” She knows her stuff and she’s no rookie. “Giants are my favorite. They’re going to the World Series.” We have no doubt she could make that happen….If the Giants would just let Daphne help.

Daphne Campbell is 93 years old and is often featured in Sarah’s advertisements and on her website. Her favorite Sarah Oliver handbag is one finished with a very fitting crystal Curious George. She knits over 100 bags a year for Sarah. Go Daphne! And go Giants.


  1. Daphne brightens the world she lives in, and the family who loves her!

    • We all feel the same way. We love Daphne and her wonderfully infectious personality! Sarah

  2. We love Daphne and think of her as one of our family members.
    Love you Daphne!
    Elise and Paul

    • Thanks for the comment! I will let Daphne know that you took the time to read her blog post. Thanks again! Sarah

  3. Inspirational

    • Thank you Sue!! Daphne is simply incredible!

  4. Daphne! You amazing woman! I just saw y’all’s story on CNN (as I was knitting a pair of socks as a matter of fact) and had to know more about y’all.

    I am a handywoman myself, so imagine my delight when I read that you refinished all one hundred and fifty seven windows where you live! You’re my kind of woman. I grew up on a farm where you didn’t call the plumber or carpenter when something needed to be fixed. You just did it yourself. That led me to almost a decade doing painting and remodeling. I am a horticulturist at a garden center now, but I still fix things around my house and am the maintenance person at work, too (I. Am. The Toilet Whisperer.).

    And I agree on your stance on driving – I own a one-ton truck and a 50 horsepower tractor and drive them both myself. One day though I hope to get a “toy” like you, just for fun – a little red Miata – that I will be driving to visit a friend in New York City (from my home near Austin, Texas). Yep, all by myself.

    I am so glad to “know” you, Daphne.


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