If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Kirsti

If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Kirsti

Kirsti. 98 and counting….knit one purl two.

If these hands could talk, they would speak countless languages of a life well lead and a life knitted in richness.

Born in Berkeley, California, yet raised and seasoned in Finland, Kirsti is nearly 99 years old and can literally knit in her sleep. We woke her from a nap and it took no time at all for her to sit up and tell us (and show us) what knitting means to her. “I remember always knitting….dresses, coats, and sweaters on the bus on the way to work in San Francisco.” As she pulled creation after creation from her bureau, we wondered where quality like that has gone.

With knitting as the common thread through her many years and many homes, Kirsti is the mother to four sons and countless grandchildren and greats. Her knitting needles speak fluently, but Kirsti also speaks German, English, Swedish and Finish so we weren’t at all surprised when she stated her secret to life “Keep on moving….and eat strawberry shortcake.” Oh and “put your feet up for 15 minutes a day.” Great advice, but we think her hands were begging to follow suit.

Kirsti Aspelin is 98 years old and has been knitting with The Purlettes + 1  “for a long time.” She currently resides at The Redwoods and enjoys NOT turning on her TV, knitting and going out for lunch when her children come to visit. She is looking forward to her 99th birthday and says no one better show up without strawberry shortcake. Noted.






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  1. “Keep on moving….and eat strawberry shortcake.” Oh and “put your feet up for 15 minutes a day.” I will take this advice to heart, Kirsti. I’ve not really done that in my life, though as I get older I’m realizing the wisdom in it. I recently learned to bake cakes from scratch. I’ve long wanted to learn, but never did. I was always to busy, not enough time, thought I’d do it “some day”. Last year I said to myself “today is the day”.

    I’m so glad I did. I bake birthday cakes for my “family” at the organic garden center where I work. It brings me great joy to do this – food is love, right? And every single time I make sure to eat my fair share. 😉 That evening when I get home, I grab my knitting, put my feet up, and revel in the glow of all the smiles and compliments of the day. The sitting still to relax, the knitting, and the warm fuzzies from the love from my coworkers – it feeds my soul.

    You are a wise woman, Kirsti. Wise indeed.


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