If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Anjali

If These Hands Could Talk: Meet Anjali

Anjali. Well traveled hands.

If these hands could talk they’d say that no matter where you’re born, where you travel or where you end up, it’s good to know the international language of knitting. Anjali was born and raised in India in a small town called Sidhpur. Anjali’s mother wanted her to learn to knit “properly” so she sent her to a proper teacher when she was just 12 years old. And that was just the beginning of the love affair and the common thread that she carried with her around the globe.

Anjali went to school in India, received her BA and a nursing degree from Bombay. After marrying in India, she moved to Chicago in 1961 with her cardiologist husband and 8-month old son. After three years and two more children, they moved to London, knitting needles in tow, then buckled up for Toronto, New York and finally Los Angeles California, which led to her favorite destination thus far, San Francisco. Have yarn and needles, will travel!

Anjali is most proud of her 3 sons who are grown and doing quite well; one an orthopedic doctor in Maryland, one a cancer researcher at UCSF and her youngest a producer for the LA Lakers. Not bad, Anjali and your traveling brood!

It’s no secret that Anjali enjoys traveling and her passport includes stamps from many colorful parts of the world including Jerusalem, Egypt, India, Cashmere and Portugal. This love of travel has led to a love of history and whenever she’s not knitting, she loves to read books about US history and learn “as much as possible”.   And just when we thought she couldn’t possibly fit one more destination into her busy itinerary, enter interplanetary travel. Yes, much to our surprise, Anjali has a fascination with UFOs. She loves to watch TV programs about UFO’s as well as good ghost stories, and she is a big believer in both!

She is as interesting and knowledgeable as she is animated when talking about knitting. “The best part of knitting is meeting the group and Sarah. Her voice is just tender. I can make out that voice anytime, anywhere.” She also enjoys the voices of the Beatles and John Denver. Anjali is a surprise at every turn, and a proper knitter who calls many places her home. We’re just glad the Redwoods is one of those many places.

Anjali Shah is 82 years old and has been happily knitting for over 70 years and for just over a year at the Redwoods. She loves going to the movies and is always sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before show time to get a good seat and knit while she waits. Not much has changed. Still traveling. Still knitting.

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  1. I saw Sarah on Shark Tank, and couldn’t wait to look up the site. I love the concept and development of the company…utilizing the experience and talents of “our mature population”. I’m looking forward to following the company’s growth.


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